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interafce utilization report in lms 3.1

Hi I have installed LMS 3.1 at ine of our customer. when we are extracting interface utilization report(HUM interface report) It gives me the graphs which are in format of packets/second or value in % . Customer want a simple report which will give him the graps in bite or Kb per second. even if when the operator will pull the report the report should be generated simplly port utilization for both RX and tx in Kb or Mb insted of octate/packets per second.

Is it possible ? if it is possible please guide me how to configure the report template.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, the interface utilization reports gives just that: utilization as a percentage of total available bandwidth. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do custom formulae in HUM at this point.

Hi Joe,

Can you clarify if this is correct

( Avg % Rx + Avg % TX ) x Total Bandwidth configured on interface/100 = Total Bandwidth Utilization 

For eg:  Avg % Rx=11

            Avg % Tx=11

            Interface= Gigaethernet 1/1

            Bandwidth 465000

Bandwidth= 465000= 46.5 Mbps

Now Applying formula = (11+11) x 46.5/ 100 = 10.23 Mbps i.e actual interface utilization



Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

For modern full-duplex links, it would really be the max of the Tx vs. Rx instead of a sum of the two.  You can transmit equally in both directions at the same time.  An average Tx utilization of 11% on a link with a bandwidth of 46.5 Mbps would be ~ 5.12 Mbps.

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