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IP SLA - Tracked route not being placed in routing table


I'm not sure what I'm missing here. However, I have IP trying to setup IPSLA in a LAB environment. While I got it to work before I'm not sure what I'm missing now that is preventing it from working the way I expect it to. Basically my problem is the default tracked route is not being put into the routing table. If I take the tracking off (e.g. that works. However, if I do track 35, the route does not enter the table. All interfaces are up and without the tracking I can ping the default gateway.

ip sla 35

icmp-echo source-ip

threshold 2

frequency 5

ip sla schedule 35 life forever start-time now

track 35 rtr 35 reachability

ip route track 35

Can anyone see what I'm missing here

Rising star

Hi there,

Please change this line "track 35 rtr 35 reachability" to one shown  below.

track 35 ip sla 35 reachability

and if you are running routing-protocol please make sure that you have redistrubuting static-route

Hope that helps.


Rizwan Rafeek


Hi Rizwan,

Interestingly the image I'm using 12.4(15) T6 does not allow me to do that. The only option under Track 35 ip is "route"

I'm not using any routing protocols, this is 1 router connected directly to 2 ISPs

Cisco IOS Software, 2600 Software (C2691-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)


Hi Nikalleyne,

I found this link below from Cisco doc, which explain step by step method of default-route failover between two ISP, one as primary and other as a backup.

Please follow the link.


Hi Rizwanr

I will look at this doc and try to see if I get my solution to work in the lab. I will reply once I've completed it.

Thanks for the assistance.


make and copy paste here

sh ip route

sh track

ping sou


Hello Again,

I was just going through this post. I would suggest to add a static route to ip route . This route must always point to the primary path. If there is a failure (primary path), this IP will not be reachable (A thing to note). So, the best idea would be to probe an IP which is not required to be reachable post-failure. Idea would be a loopback (which must not be a management IP). By having the mentioned static route, whenever the primary link is reinstated, entire traffic failback to your primary path. Without this, IP SLA would never come to know of the availability of your primary link.

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