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Is it possible to scale down ACI-MSO nodes?

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We've been going through deployment requirements of a new ACI multi-site project and utilizing MSO in a cloud provider.  The requirements for MSO are NUTS though.
8 vCPU + 48GB ram + 64 GB storage  x 3 nodes =~$15k per year in the cloud.
I've run TOP on the MSO nodes to see the utilization and these things are barely using 2GB of the ram its given and ~20% of cpu.  All of which is JAVA , docker, and mongodb.

Does anyone have a heavily utilized MSO that they can pull a TOP from the console of a node to see how utilized it is?

Because right now this deployment requirement is way overkill for what is essentially a webserver and witness.  I'm curious if anyone has resized their instances down, and if they had any issue.

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Level 1
Level 1

Experimenting with a reduction to 2 vCPU and 8GB ram per node.
So far the cluster came back up with no issues.
That's a $12k / year reduction in cloud spend.

TOPs on the nodes is now idling at 20% cpu and 5-6GB free memory.  So maybe room for more reduction.