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Is there any way to create a job in LMS4.2 to configure only switchports matching a specific description

Hello Network Management gurus.

I'm baffled by a lot of new features of LMS4.2 and seem lost where to start looking.

Our client needs to periodically make changes to switches to change their port settings.

They have specific descriptions with a certain string. Let's say the description say "Cisco phone".

The task is to create either template or ad-hoc Netconfig job that will send changes only to those switchports.

How can it be done?

Thanks for your help in advance


Michel Hegeraat
Rising star

Start here:

Admin -> System -> Group Management -> Port and Module

Try and create a port group based on port description.

It may suit your needs.



Thanks, Michel.
I'm almost done except for the task/commands definitions.

This is what I'm doing.

1)  Admin -> System -> Group Management -> Port and Module (once I clicked "Port and Module" I'm redirected to Inventory -> Group Management -> Port and Module)

2) I create a group named "VoIP switchport"

3) Then I select the device that I need to configure. It is my switch SW2

4) Then goes Rule Expression:

Port.PortDescription equals "VoIP_Port"INCLUDELIST {:RME:INVENTORY:Port$-1172380997>,





In human language it say that that the switchport description should be matching the string "VoIP_Port" and it is applicable to 5 ports, they are Fa0/1 through Fa0/5 interfaces of the switch

The fun starts when I try to create a job to push some VoIP parameters to the switchports in question.

I create a new NetConfig job, select "Port based" type job, then I select the device which is a redundant step for me. I expect the job selector is smart enough to select the device based on my "Port and Module" group created previously.

Anyways, when I click "Next" I select my Port group which is "VoIP switchport" and then the next screen suggests to select the task. I assume I should select "Adhoc task". When I add an instance of this task I'm presented with a screen prompting to configure CLI commands. This is where I stopped.

What am I starting with? Should I go to the global config mode first ? If I want to send the command "switchport voice vlan 15" should I just add it in the CLI field? How am I applying it only to the required 5 ports?

If I start the job anyway it fails and the error message is no applicable devices.