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Job Browser failing in Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.2

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we have a costumer who cannot access to Admin/Jobs/Browser. It shows this error:

I have read that the reason could be that the costumer has too many jobs scheduled. But, if we can't access to the Job Browser, we can't delete the jobs scheduled.

Besides, we have a huge memory consumption (15 of 16 gigas). I don't know if this coulb be relationated with the access to the Job Browser.

Thank you

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Level 1

Hello Diego,

You may try to purge the old jobs.

In general the LMS 4.2 runs VRFcollection jobs and Summarizer jobs periodically. When you hit a high number of jobs (15K if I'm not wrong), you start to get an error message on Job browser page. Then the purging may come in handy.

Go to [Admin] > [Network] > [Purge Settings].

To purge the jobs related to VRF, see the topic "Purging VRF Management Reports Jobs and Archived Reports" on the following document.

To purge Summarizer jobs, take a look at the topic "Performance Purge Jobs" from the same document.

Let me know if it helped.

Hi Kauy,

I have programmed a purge for jobs related to VRF, but I can't do the same  with summarizer jobs; the page doesn't load.

I have been deleting some jobs by cli. I have seen that I have many periodic jobs that Ciscowork do every hour (CPU utilization, availability, etc). I have much more than 15k records. I don't know if I can't delete these jobs or at least the older records, becuase I think taht this is an automatic LMS action.


I see your problem.

Sometimes a java process that purges the summarizer jobs gots stuck and an error message appears. Try to restart the application (net stop crmdmgtd && net start crmdmgtd  - for windows - or application stop/start LMS - for linux-based appliances) and then run the summarizer purge again.

Maybe you will have to runs a few more purges to get an acceptable number of jobs.

Best regards,

Kauy Gabriel.


finally, I opened a case and I achieved to open the Job Browser deleting job in the database. I deleted around 60k rows from the database, and now I have "only" 8k jobs.

now that your job browser is working again, don't forget to configure all the necessary purge jobs to prevent this issue from occuring again: