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Job Status Notification in Cisco Prime Infrastructure without SMTP



I have a Daily Job for Configuration Archive running in Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.7 and I want to set up Job Notifications for Partially Completed or Failed Jobs. The problem is that in my current environment we don't have a internal SMTP relay yet , so there's no possibility of setting up SMTP for Email Notifications.


Is there any other way of receiving notifications for Job Status ?

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You can configure external email server like Google or your exchange server with authentication.

If you configuring external email server like Google. make sure you have enough Firewall rules applied at your perimeter FW to send email from Prime IP address.



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Hi Balaji,


Thanks for your response. Our environment doesn't allow us to use external SMTP services at the moment. So I was looking at a different solution untill we have our own internal SMTP Server up and running.

Not that i am aware of on hand to offer now - only you can login and view on PI GUI


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