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Learning Cisco Works LMS 3.0

Level 1
Level 1

Are there any excellent Web resources for Learning LMS 3.0? I do not see any dead ringer books. Are there any great weblinks (preferrably free) that help simplify learning all the modules of LMS? So I figure out a strategy for becoming proficient in the product.

Thanks for the help!

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Level 3
Level 3

The document that helped me the most was the deployment guide. Its very informative. LMS training is hard to get. Try this link:



Thanks this is not bad but is there any other things out there on the internet? Like a webinar/webcast or videos, or just a good website. Or just a plain old book? I see classes that are over $3000. It is astonishing to me that it has been this difficult to find. Please fellow Cisco Networkers help me our or Todd Lammle please write and publish a book in the next 24 hours on LMS 3.0 or 3.1


Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

LMS 3.1 ships today, and included are six video walk-throughs for some of the common workflows. Myself and a colleague voice the demos. LMS 3.1 is free for all 3.0 users with a SAS contract.

In addition, there are some free whitepapers on which discuss LMS deployment:

Thanks for the info where do I get the download for it? I just looked and I could not find the download for lms 3.1

Anyone know where it is?

3.1 is not downloadable, you need to order the DVD. This is explained in another thread. Quoting Joe: "Try going to . Put in your contract number, and see if you can ship LMS 3.1 to yourself. If not, contact your sales team."

the 3.1 update isn't available for ordering yet on the /upgrade site, according to TAC (ref. SR608996561) ... at least a week or so they said.

can order the appropriate part# from your AM now though.