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LMS 3.0.1 / CM 5.0.2 / Questions on Campus (bug and feature)


Hello Community..

I had two questions regarding Campus Manager [LMS 3.0.1 / CM 5.0.2].

1/ My customer is using a background image with the topology map (representing the country map where icons are placed on each city).

When closing the map and opening it again it has been reported me icons are not saved on their previous position and no longer reflects their cities.

After going through the forum it should be due to bug CSCse24944. In the bug details we see CM 4.0 is impacted but I do not see any next release where it is fixed in.

I wanted to confirm if CM 5.0.2 is affected ? And confirm also there is no workaround at this time ?

2/ I understand that without CDP, there will be no links between devices in the map. Due to security mesures CDP must be deactivated so we enter in the best practices deviations.

My question is : Do you think that asking to my Cisco representative for a feature request allowing to manually draw a link between icons would be too irrealistic, given the technical context and conditions of CM ?

I hope the questions are not strange...

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks and regards.


1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

1. Yes, that is the bug and there is no workaround other than not using a background image.  It is not planned to be fixed in the current incarnation of Campus Manager.

2. This is a commonly requested feature and may very well happen at some point in the future.  It would not hurt to have your account team build a business case to get this implemented.

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