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LMS 3.2.1, CiscoView 6.1.9 Can't display Catalyst 6500 and Nexus

Previously, CiscoView could display our Catalyst 6500 switches, including a 6500VSS. However, it did not have device support for our Nexus 5020. From %NMSROOT%/log/cv.log:

2011/05/06 07:55:24 EDT TRACE CvDevice: checkWildCardedDev 1
2011/05/06 07:55:25 EDT ERROR CvDevice: CANNOT find device definition for sysObjId .!
2011/05/06 07:55:25 EDT ERROR CvUserSession: Can't find applicable device package for <deviceIP>!
2011/05/06 07:55:25 EDT ERROR CvThreadData: Error in CvThreadData Error Id=GUIS_NO_DEVPKG_MATCH, Severity=3, Message=Cannot find applicable device package for <deviceIP>.<BR>This error could be due to one of the following:<BR>- The device package for this device type is not installed.<BR>- Device support for this device type is not available.<BR>- You are trying to open a component inside a device.<BR>To correct the problem, either install a device package for the device type, or open the parent device to manage the component., Cause=null, Action=null, Detail Tag=HELP_NO_DEVPKG_MATCH, Presentation=dialog 2

After installing LMS 3.2 SP1, I installed device packages Nexus5000 and Cat6000IOS (as well as current versions of Routershare and CVGenericPackage). Now, CiscoView hangs/times out when trying to display a Nexus 5020 or ANY Catalyst 6500. All other device types work fine.

Whether invoked from the LMS Functional Chassis View or from Device Center, CiscoView waits indefinitely. From the url https://<hostname>/CVng/, or https://<hostname>/CVng/<deviceIP>&device=<devicehostname>&&deviceip=<deviceIP>&title=Cisco%20View, the result is the same.

In addition, since LMS 3.2.1, cv.log no longer records anything. The Trace Settings window does not enable tracing (in spite of a confirmation), and the Debug window does not display anything.

It would appear that the LMS 3.2 SP1 broke CiscoView. Is there any way to repair this component?

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