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Sven Hruza

LMS 3.2.1 - JRM server is down or inaccessible for this user


I have a problem with one slave server in my LMS 3.2.1 environment.

There are a lot of threads to the failure "JRM server is down or inaccessible for this user" in this community. But no solution helped for my server.

I have three servers running ACS integrated in a single sign-on.

The Master is only for DCR with the discovery.

Slave 1 is only for Campus Manager.

Slave 2 is only for RME.

Both slaves have the same configuration. Slave 1 is working very well, slave 2 makes trouble with the authorization of logged in users.

In the Common Services home base I see only the message "You are not authorized to view the details." in the Device Credentials and Admin window.

The recently completed jobs tell me the message "JRM server is down or inaccessible for this user".

In the RME homepage I get nothing else than the message "You are not authorized to view the details."

I cheched the, but that looks nice. Nothing wrong with the server name.

A service or server restart didn't fix the problem.

Some days ago I reconfigured the complete ACS and Multi server configuration. After that it worked for some days. No it is the same problem again.

So I think there is any other root cause.

Any ideas what I can check?



Sven Hruza


I want to update this issue.

After a lot of testing I did also a test of the ACS server connectivity. Indeed the CS home page said that the ACS servers are reachable, but because of my desperation I gave it a try.

It is the script "" located in the ...\CSCOpx\bin\.

The test results were okay, all ACS servers were reachable as expected.

But after that, I really did nothing else, the authentication is working. Now since four weeks.

I don't understand that, but I'm happy that it fixed my big problem


Thanks for sharing solution. It will help.

Nice to know that this is not only a phenomenon of my system