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LMS 3.2: RME failed archive with Nexus 5010



LMS 3.2, RME 4.3.1, dev packages updated, Windows.

We would like to archive the configuration of the Nexus 5010 switches. Due to authentication with Radius based on tokens we're not able to use telnet/SSH and therefore we only can use SNMP WRite in combination with TFTP.  But, this is not working at all. Other systems like 3750 works fine. Is there a difference between Catalysts IOS and nexus NXOS?

I searched the forum and found this:


upgrade to LMS 2.6, archive config not working anymore

We ship and start a TFTP server by default on Windows.  You must have an SNMP read-write community string configured on your devices, and entered in DCR for TFTP config fetches to work.  Additionally, udp/69 must be open between device and server.

The easiest way to troubleshoot this kind of problem is to start a sniffer trace on the LMS server (using Device Center > Packet Capture).  Filter on all traffic to one of the failing devices.  Then, run a Sync Archive job for that same device.  When it fails, the sniffer trace will indicate what the problem is



Ad Olsthoorn


Hi Lavramov,

Yes I'm quite sure, I installed the required packages acoording to the Nexus.RME431.v2-2.readme.pdf manual. the manual tell me to install the following (see also attachement).

To install the Cisco Nexus Series Package, you must install the following dependent packages:



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