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Darko Gmajner

LMS 4.0 Server reqiurements

We have Windows Server 2008 SP2 64 bit and we want to install CiscoWorks LMS 4.0 for 300 devices. I am afraid that server requirements for the CPU, RAM and swap space, which are in the installation giude are too low. What are the parameters of the CPU, RAM and swap space which can give me really good and quick working CiscoWorks LMS 4.0. Thank you.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

First, make sure you do not have Windows 2008 R2.  Support for that will not be available until the end of the month.

LMS 4.0 will greatly benefit from memory and fast I/O.  Opt for fast disks (15K RPM) on a fast I/O controller.  Go with 8 GB of RAM at least.  So, go with a dual core 2.4 GHz CPU server (or better) with 8 GB of RAM and 16 GB of swap.

Thank you, very much.

Hello Joe,

I have a qouestion regarding the LMS 4.0 hw requirements too. I read throught the data sheet and i found a note in the processor support part. "minimum processor speed must be 2.33 Ghz or higher" I need to apply this note only to AMD processors or all processors including Intel processors?

I have a customer who wants to install LMS 4.0 (300 licens) to a server with Intel Xeon /1.866GHz (Quad Core) /RAM 4GB/ HDD 72 GB/ win2003SP2.

What do you think, this hw is enought or we need a stronger hw?

Thanks for your reply!


Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

LMS 4.0 will greatly benefit from CPU cycles.  You may find even with a quad core box, that the 1.8 GHz does not give you the performance you need.  I would recommend faster CPUs, even if you only went with two cores.

Thanks for your reply Joe!