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LMS 4.0 vs LMS 3.2

I am looking at the data sheet on LMS 4.0 and it looks to me that there is a bunch of functionality that has been dropped when I go to 4.0 from a 3.2 installation.

Where is all the Campus Manager information and maps?

User Tracking and Phone Tracking seem to be gone as well.

Did I miss something?

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Re: LMS 4.0 vs LMS 3.2

when you come from LMS 3.x you will slightly be confused by the new GUI paradigm  ;-)

with LMS 3.x it was "application" driven (CS, Campus, RME, etc) now the same tasks are grouped by functionality (Monitor, Asset, Configuration, Reports, etc);

but in generall there should be none of the known functionality from LMS 3.x be missing in LMS 4.x instead some of the information should be better/quicker accessible (e.g Dashboard views)

But this time Cisco did not forget that there are some people out there who are used to the LMS 3.x GUI and to make it easier for those, they integrated a "Legacy" Menu in the upper right corner - which is the same menu as it was in LMS 3.x -

here is a link to the LMS 4.0 Admin Guide on User Tracking:

and a general overview of Mapping LMS 3.2 to LMS 4.0:

Legacy Menu (LMS 3.x) (click on the Home-Icon):

User Tracking (Mouse-over  ASSET - Do not click) :

Topology Services (mous-over CONFIGURATION):

Cisco Employee

Re: LMS 4.0 vs LMS 3.2

Hi Richard,

everything is there

For instance, topology maps are under Configuration -> Topology,  user tracking and phone tracking information is under Reports -> Inventory -> User Tracking.

In LMS 4.0 we have a "Legacy" option (on the right top corner) which will give you a view similar to LMS 3.2 so to make your transition a little bit easier to a new structure we use in LMS 4.0.

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