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LMS 4.1 topology services


Our LMS cannot start topology services.

we got the following error:

Cannot connect to ANIServer: ANIServer7.0-lms

Probable Cause

1. Unknwown Hostname

2. Unknown Error

Recommended Action

1. Check if the Hostname is DNS resolvable

2. Check whether the ANIServer process is up and running.

Where & how can i fix this problem. I dont know where to find ANIServer.

Please advice


Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend

1. Has it ever worked? If yes, has anything changed? If no, then your installation may be suspect.

2. Do you get the same error when you are at the server itself (as opposed to accessing LMS remotely via a browser)? If yes, then the ANIServer process is likely not running. Look here for instructions on how to perform server self test and restart processes.

3. If the problem is limitied to client acess, I'm assuming you've checked suggestion #1 in your post. Beyond that, I have seen a similar issue when Java is not running the exact version (1.6.0_24) recommended by the LMS. I've also seen a clear of the Java cache remedy this issue.

Hope this helps.

I can start topology services from the LMS server itself but cant access it remotely via browser. I still got the same error above. Any suggestion?

Can the client where you run the browser resolve then name of the server?

e.g. ping lms pings the server?



From my client i can go through the LMS browser but NOT the topology services. Is there any setting for me to tweak rather than its solve the name? i.e. change to LMS ip address?

please advice

topology services will try to got to lms, not the ip

So if http://ip-address works, but http://lms does not then topology won't work until you fix this.

Also if a firewall is on the server it may stop connecting to ANI



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