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LMS 4.2.5 and SNMP v3 on Nexus 7009

Hi there,

I can't get N7K 7009 to work with SNMP v3. Is SNMP v3 AuthPriv supported on Nexus 7009, NX-OS is 6.2(8a)? Current settings are> Auth mode is SHA and Priv is AES-128.

When I do credential verification I get this result> "ERROR PERFORMING SNMP OPERATION"

Here is snmp configuration from Nexus> snmp-server user USER1 vdc-operator auth sha xxxyyy priv aes-128 xxxyyy localizedkey

All other devices are working properly on LMS with snmp v3. Any help with this would be much appreciated.


VIP Mentor

Do you have the device pack installed for Nexus device , I know on our Prime 3.0 we had to install an extra pack option to pick up nx-os devices , still bit buggy though not sure though if its required on LMS


Hi Mark,

Last device update on LMS is performed in may this year. In Fault Management, Cisco View  I can se package for n7k "Cisco Nexus 7000 9-Slot Switch"

in section - Inventory Config And Image Management there is package "Nexus device package v11.2"

I will check if there is new update available, and if so, did it solve my problem.


Hall of Fame Guru

I've been having a similar problem with SNMPv3 on a Nexus 7010 and PI 3.0.2. All Prime Infrastructure patches and device packs are installed. The NX-OS is 6.2(8a).

On Prime LMS, the same 7010 works fine with the same SNMPv3 user and credentials.

Packet capture from PI shows lots and lots of encrypted SNMP packets moving back and forth as I try a sync. Paessler SNMP tester is able to enumerate the interfaces just fine using the same SNMPv3 user and auth/priv credentials.

I suspect it may be SNMP timeout. Unfortunately the user interface in PI 3.0 is not allowing me to change that parameter - the menu field is not accepting any input and it insists on retaining the default 2 seconds.

I'll try to open a TAC case on it when I get some free time. In the meantime I moved it down to SNMPv2c and it works fine.


Hi Marvin,

LMS 4.2.5, that I'm using, has the option to change SNMP timeout values, and I changed it to 30 sec. but result is still the same - "ERROR PERFORMING SNMP OPERATION"

If you find any solution to this problem via TAC case, please share solution.


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