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LMS 4.2 bent or crooked Topology Map links

Hello all,

I'm trying to include as much info as I can, so forgive the lengthy post. I have an ongoing issue with reoccurring bent or crooked Topology map links. Imagine two devices that are in the same region, even installed in the same data closet. The map link between device A may go off across the map, take a 90 degree turn, run a little bit, then take another 90 degree turn back to device B. The bent links are not between all devices and seems to reappear even after I right-click and delete the link(s). The bent links may even reappear between numerous different devices, even after I cleanly log out of my map and LMS. I have worked with at least two Cisco TAC support CSE's who have never seen this issue (scary), and have been unable to provide a solution except to delete my "Layer~2~View.xml" server profile file, but this is no guaranteed fix.

Here is my LMS setup:

> Windows Server 2008 SP1, with all Important updates

> Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.3

> Workstation is Win7 Enterprise, fully patched

> Internet Explorer 9

> Java SE 6 Update 38

This issue was also happening under LMS 4.2.2.  Based on another article I found on these forums, I have deleted and recreated all of my LMS databases to defaults, to no avail. I am also fighting another issue where my Topology maps are not saving, producing the "Unable to save map..." message in the lower-left map corner (I added my comments to an existing post about that annoying issue.)

See attached picture for an example.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.


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