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Lms 4.2 discrepancie update



in the configuration>dashboard>configuration i have a portelet Discrepancy but "Por is in Error Disable State" don't uptade automatically i have only one switch indicate it's error disable port the other switch are not reported even if they have a port switch in errr disable.Why?

Thank you very much




There was a bug in earlier versions of LMS (4.0.1 and earlier) where the LMS was polling the wrong MIB objects (see CSCto31795), however, this was resolved in LMS 4.1 and later.  Are you sure you are running LMS 4.2?

If you are running LMS 4.2, please check your snmp configuration on the switches in question.

If you find you are running a version earlier than LMS 4.1 and you don't want to upgrade, you might want to think about working around the issue by forwarding syslogs to the LMS server and then set-up syslog reports to look for:

%PM-4-ERR_DISABLE: [chars] error detected on [chars], putting [chars] in err-disable state

You can set the mnumonic to check for "ERR_DISABLE" in the syslog reports.




Thank you for your prompt response

I am running LMS 4.2.2 the snmp configuratio is correct, now i have verify that 

Admin > Collection Settings >config > Config  Collection Settings "

"Periodic Polling"

"Periodic Collection "

"VLAN Config Collection"

they are in status disable could this be the problem? however , why i have

I have some error messages and disable others?



Hi Emiliano.

I don't believe this would have any effect unless the configuration has changed on the device since you first added it.  You could do a data collection on the problem device and then check if there is any change after that...

You mentioned that you had at least one device that is updating properly, while the others aren't.

Did you compare the configuration of the working device to the non-working?  Specifically take a look at the "show run | inc snmp" from both devices and do a comparison.  I still feel that this might be a device-side issue, rather than a problem on the LMS itself.



Thank you for your prompt response when I get back to work and will check shall compare the configuration, I wanted to ask is, however, enabled Admin> Collection Settings> Config> Config Collection Settings "

"Periodic Polling"

"Periodic Collection"

"VLAN Config Collection

thank you very much


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