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LMS 4.2 issue with Nexus 7k and Nexus 5k

david de sousa

                   Hi guys,

i'm working with Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.0, i have a problem to manage Nexus series, the switchs are well discovered but i can't fetch config, view ports, the modules not presents int the chassis are all in error. when i add the devices, every L3 interfaces are added as a separate switch. The User tracking doesn't work through the Nx (but it seems it's normal for UTU as i saw)

So, my question is :

Is it normal to have trouble with Nexus on LMS ?

There is a way to fix this?



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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Ideally we can have any device platform having issues with LMS. But the way they can be isolated as genuine, configuration issues or defect is to address each issue separately.

There is no best practice guide on how to manage Nexus on LMS. You should add them as normal as other devices, except manage each VDC as a individual device.

If you create separate threads on config failure, End Host issue and other, it will be much easier to troubleshhoot.

For now, Please share details on what error you see when you run Config Job.



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thanks for the reply, i will start with one problem and open a new case for the others.

my main problem is :

when i add the nexus, it works, i can read snmp informations, fetch config and so on. but i have a lot of alarms about the card not plugged into the chassis, and i get 50 alarms by Nexus (more or less).

when i go to the "fault device detail" to tune the alarms, i see all the cards not plugged (not present) but i can't say "Don't monitor that" like i could do with an interface, for example.

so how can i esume these alarms without simply clear it ?


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