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LMS 4.2 partial success in archive jobs

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Hello Support forum,

I am getting some weir behaviour in my LMS 4.2 setup. I am doing and Archiveupdate job and am receiving a partial success for roughly 1400 devices. 

Here is some output.

Execution Result:


CM0057 PRIMARY STARTUP Config fetch SUCCESS, archival failed for

xxxxxx Cause: CM0210 Unable to generate

processed config Action: Verify that archive exists for device.


CM0057 PRIMARY RUNNING Config fetch SUCCESS, archival failed for

xxxxxxx Cause: CM0210 Unable to generate

processed config Action: Verify that archive exists for device.


CM0060 VLAN RUNNING Config fetch SUCCESS for

xxxxxx version number 519 archived.

So far sort of so good.

So I went on the look for some answers to the CM0210 error.


Cannot generate processed configuration

Configuration file may be corrupted or incomplete

Check that device returns complete configuration and the configuration file is not empty

So I first checked this wonderfull forum and found post

Look like someone has had the same issue here.

I went on and checked the dcmaservice log file.

I found the following entry at the same time of this particulair job

ERROR,[Thread-72920],,loadRules,42,Could not locate configlet rule file : com/cisco/nm/xms/xdi/pkgs/SharedDcmaIOS/analyzer/IOSConfigletRules.ser

[ date taken out ],ERROR,[Thread-72920],,archiveNewVersionIfNeeded,1115,CM0210 Unable to generate processed config

I then searched if I had the IOSConfigletRules.set file on the box.

And no it is not there.

My question is this the reasson that I have som manny partial sucess archive results?

Would a sollution be to put this file back?

Hope someone can help me with this as I am strugeling for more than a week with this issue.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Level 4

hi rguntenaar,

I know you haven't received a response in the last few days, so thought I would chime in.

The error you mentioned is definitely a problem.  I've seen it handled a couple of ways.  One is to put it back as you said (but I've only seen this applied to earlier versions of LMS), and I don't believe this would be a very "clean" way to address the problem.  The other way I've seen this issue addressed has been to update all device packages, and let the file be auto-generated in the update process.  Again, I've only seen this done on earlier versions, but it sounds to me like this might be the best way to try and address this.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.



Worked fine

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