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LMS 4.2 runs very slowly

I installed Cisco Prime LMS using the small server (up to 500 devices) virtual appliance OVA.  It was set up with the standard settings for the OVA - 2 vCPUs, 4 Gb RAM, and 256Gb disk.  Web interface is very slow.  I have less than 200 devices.  What should I tune/check for to improve performance, hopefully without having to dedicate more compute resources?  Could this be an issue with my browser or version of java instead of the server?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

We have been tracking a problem internally where the Getting Started page hangs on login.  The problem is with changes to access.  We are actively working to get those fixed, but if this is what you're seeing the workaround is as follows:

a. Open the properties file name “” under the path  NMSROOT/MDC/tomcat/webapps/cwlms/WEB-INF/classes/com/cisco/nm/gs/ui

b. Update the field IS_DEFAULT_PAGE as “false”

c. Clear the browser cache and login-in(Daemon restart not required)

We have had the same problem with our installation.  At first lms 4.2 responds great, but after changing some settings in the "getting started" menu, everything hangs.  I reverted to a clean snapshot install 5 times on tuesday, and the last time I did not do any changes in the "getting started" menu, and now lms works great.  We are running lms on a standalone server with esxi4.1 and OVA.

Is this workaround just for changing the default "getting started" page ?

We also seemed to experience problems when editing the backup settings and https settings under "getting started", but I cannot confirm this.

this solved also our customers timeout issues


Hi, Thank you for the workaround it solves the issue!

kerim mohammed


i applied the work around but still i am running into the same issue. i removed all broswing histery and even reloaded the the appliance(soft)  and the client machine, but to no avail. any advice?

Anyone have an update on the LMS 4.2.x running slow? Have less than 100 devices on the network.

Running with performance tuning tool (PTT) enable and saw no change in performance, still slow.

I my case it is not a lack of system resources, memory and CPU at less then 30% usage.

LMS server: Solaris 10, sparc hardware with 32 CPU's and 32G memory.

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