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LMS 4.2 virtual appliance: How to export archive devices configs on a network drive

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I will install a new LMS 4.2 based on a virtual Linux Red Hat appliance.

I would like to export archive devices configurations based on /var/adm/CSCOpx/files/rme/dcma/shadow on an external drive.

Do we have embedded tools on LMS 4.2 Linux to share a network drive or do we use NFS commands ?

Thanks for your help.


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there are no such embedded tools.

I am awaiting Ciscos return with a solution for bringing the backup out of the VA (Virtual Appliance) and to a safekeeping place.

Same issue all around - the VA is now a client only !

I saw a hack around the SCP user inorder to use WinSCP for faster file browsing etc, and that might work, but I want a supported fix for this issue. And by that I mean Cisco needs to tell me what can be done and how its supported.

please share any knowledge you might get on this topic.


Refer to the following thread. WINSCP works well for transfering files from the Appliance to your management station.

March 9, 2012 - STEFFEN NEUSER


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Any response back from Cisco Yet, Im trying to figure this out, I need to be able to back up the configs into a  network folder.

i did ...

you can install FTP server, unix style, or I eventhink you can mount a NFS share, and maybe backup directly to that.

I am gonna have to try this first ....

But you can also use the shadow directory function, and SCP/SSH get the config out - just the configs i.e.

Let me know what you end up doing

I wish there was a way I could automate this :(, We would like to  use  the configs with another security analytics tool that would audit the  configs daily.

Like mbilgrav suggested, you could build a cron job on the remote system to login to Cisco Prime LMS and ftp or scp copy the files from shadow to the target of your choice.

To mount shadow as an NFS drive you might have to tinker with the Linux shell under LMS to make that possible.

Neither is supported as a Cisco solution because they would suggest you use the compliance templates and other features native to LMS to review your configurations.

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Can anyone show me a web page or an example on how to do it, web link or somthing?

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