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LMS Metro ethernet monitoring


I'm pretty new with CiscoWorks LMS and need some advices. I need to find a way to monitor metro ethernet links between devices in my customer's network (through DFM and RME maybe). I've been searching through documentation but haven't found anything helpful. My idea was to monitor syslog traps regarding EIGRP and OSPF routing protocols but as far as I can see LMS doesn't have support for this, it supports just 27 different traps. Is there a way to customize LMS so it can react on traps that are interesting for me? To put it shortly - can I monitor routing protocols (maybe through gathering syslog messages and then alerting upon them)?

Btw, LMS is version 3.2.

Any advice is appreciated!

Regards, Omar

Nael Mohammad

You will need to use RME Syslog Automated Actions to look for messages from the device and then trigger an action based on your conditions .  You need to define the message type such facility, severity, and mnemonic that EIGRP or OSPF generates in your syslog. For example, if you make a config on the device it should generate a syslog event of "%SYS-5-CONFIG_I" in the logs and forward it to CiscoWorks assuming you have configured Syslogs to be sent to LMS. Based on the action you defined, you can have it send you an email notification or whatever action you have selected.  Below is the documentation that explains this in detail with the steps.


thanks for the advice. I'd like to be able to differentiate alarms between locations in my network. I'm attaching a drawing which presents my network. There are 2 ME links from different providers between bigger locations and edge locations. When OSPF neighborship is lost between router A and router B, meaning ME link x is down, customer would like to receive a message saying 'ME link between location A and location B is down'. When neighborship is up again, customer would like to receive a message saying 'ME link between  location A and location B is up'. In my opinion, the only way to do this is by making as many Automated actions as I have locations multiplied by 4 (2 ME links - for each set and clear events). Please correct me if I'm wrong. Do you maybe have an alternative solution (maybe to differentiate between IP addresses and locations on the application that would collect LMS emails, URL or script results)?


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