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LMS Switchport reports

Level 1
Level 1

Hi, I'm using Switch  PortReport Reclaim Unused Up reports, this seems to be working on some devices but not others (no pattern to the types of devices that are failing.) even though I know that  device has ports that are administratively up but have never been  connected. CWLMS reports 'no data available'.

The devices that aren't producing the report will  provide a port summary report and attached users without problems.

I'm  running CWLMS 5.2

Can anyone help please?

Thank you in advance.

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Nael Mohammad
Level 5
Level 5

The criteria to run a Switch Port Report Unused UP Reports is as follows and both must be true for it work:

1. The ports are administratively UP.

2. They were previously connected to an end host or a device but are unconnected for at least a day.

If the above are not true, the reports will not result in any data.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I have been able to run reports on these devices before covering periods in excess of 30 days but only seem to be able to query a max of 10 days even though I know there are ports thathave not been used for over three months. The devices have been on line for over 6 months so I can't understand why the reports are working any longer.

Any advice greatfully received.

It seems to be working as per design since the active up ports have not been used for some time.  You might want to look at how your purging is configured in Campus Manager User Tracking.

Go to Campus Manager --> User Tracking ---> Administration --> Acquisition --> Delete Interval . If you want the data to go beyond 10 days you mentioned, you need to change the "History Table" to whatever desired date you want.  This is not retroactive so the data will be good based on the next Major UT acquistion of the end hosts.

Hi, thank you for the reply. I've changed the history setting

to 90 days and forced a major aquisition-still only get info for 10
days. Getting the original error if I try and go beyond this. I know the ports haven't been used as I can run an SNMP query from my HP network Node Manager server and get the correct info.