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LMS3.2: DCRServer is Waiting to initialize state.



At the begining we had 2 issues:

1. net start crmdmgtd did start correctly, so we use resetcasuser.exe and it works some minutes then this issue came back again. I ask the customer to put the casuser in the local administrator group, then customer was able to execute net start crmdmgtd.

2. but some process doesn't start see pdshow.txt

When trying to launch ciscoview, we have this error :Error in communicating with DCRServer. DCR Server may be down. Please start the DCRServer and then refresh the page.

At RME home page, I have a error message about jrm, but I don't remerber it.

In the pdshow, we can see that DCRServer is in Waiting to initialize state.

We have installed the fix for CSCte49301 bug, but the issue still exist

you will find dcrserver.log and dcrclient.log

Thanks for your help, Elisabeth


Accepted Solutions

i took the SR,

ctm_config.txt was corrupted.

fixing it solved the issue.

hope this helps.

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I knew something was wrong with ctm_config.txt. Anyways thanks for  updating me

Thanks- Afroz [Do rate the useful post] ****Ratings Encourages Contributors ****

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Elisabeth,

Please try the below steps :

go to command prompt and first of all check if the Cretificate is Vaild on the server:


Select option 1  and see if  the certifiate is Valid or not , If not please generate a new Certificate.

If certificate is Valid then try to disable the SSL as below :

NMSROOT\MDC\Apache\bin >perl -disable

--Restart the Daemon Manager

--Now check the status of the issue.

If above did not help then please send me the below files :

Any Recent Changes on the Server : Like Hostname change ?  and any  Patch that you have Installed Recently ?

ctm_config.txt (NMSROOT\MDC\Tomcat\Shared\lib)

syslog.log  ,dcr.log and dcrserver.log



Thanks- Afroz [Do rate the useful post] ****Ratings Encourages Contributors ****

Hi Afroj,

Certificate is ok and was already disable. We have enable it but no change, same issue.

I can't send logs file on the forum so I am goging to open a SR.

Many thanks for your help,