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LMS4 copy archived config to startup-config on a different device?

Hi all,

I had a 3560 switch fail at one of my local sites today.  No problem, I have some spares that are on-line (they double as a testbed).  The trouble is that the management subnet where I am located is different than the managment subnet the failed switch is in.  I can't deploy to the running config because as soon as the management IP address is changed LMS loses connectivity to the device.  So, I want to tell LMS to download the archived switch "A" startup configuration to the startup config of spare switch "B". 

It looks like I might be able to wrap a script around some cwcli config commands to accomplish this, but is this possible with LMS from the GUI?  The problem is that I may not always be available.  My backup isn't particularly network or command line savvy.  I need a simple procedure that I can document step by step.  Logically I think this would go into the config arcive view.  Today I can go int the version tree view, select a device, select the startup config for that device and click "Deploy".  What I can't do is tell LMS to what to deploy that configuration to (a different IP) and how to do it (startup, not running).  Better yet, a "provision spare" option would be great - on Catalyst switches it would download the archived startup to the startup of a different device, AND deploy the associated vlan.dat.

Speaking of vlan.dat, is there any way to deploy these?  I mean, I see them in the version tree but I don't know why they are there other than to verify they exist.  I can't do anything with them from here, if I select one it just says "Vlan config view not available" or something to that effect.  Where are these stored?  Can anything be done with them from the GUI?  I don't worry too much about these because I run VTP, so theoretically I should just be able to change the VTP domain on my spare and have it inherit the VLAN config from the running network when it is put in place.  But I am not installing the spare I am sending it to someone else to install.  Just to be safe, I went in and manually configured the VLANs just in case the switch didn't join the VTP domain. (I had an issue recently where some switches did not join the VTP domain when connected to the network),  It would have been much easier to just copy the archived vlan.dat down to my spare.

Thoughts, comments, answers???



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