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MAC adress time limitation


Hi there,

i have few questions about MAC adress limitation.

We have in our network cisco RV042 router, SLM2048 switch and WAP4410n AP.

My 1. question: is it possible to disable internet connection for concrete mac adress based on scheduling?

For example: between  23:00 - 5:00 this mac adress will not connect to internet.

If yes how i could do that?

My 2. question: is it possible that if this "mac adress" is connected for 5 hours than disconnect it for 6 hours?

If yes how i could do that?

I can't find anything related in discussions or in the manual.

Thank you in advance for any advice..

Best regards

Daniel Zenker

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Michel Hegeraat
Rising star
Rising star

It is not a good idea to built security on something so easily spoofed as a mac address. Mac based rules are not much more then ways to annoy end users that connect on another place in the network.

Depending on what you desire to allow or block different sollutions are possible, but security I think should best be based on "authenticated sessions" and these are not managed on router or switches.



First of all  thank you for reply.

Actually, it is because of parental control - so we need to have  control over internet access for one PC. So there is no way how to managed it on router or switch?

We could make some application in our system, but for our client it will be much cheaper possibility, if he could make it on router or switch. So that is cause why i'am asking for that.


Daniel Zenker

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