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NCS wired MAC trace incorrectly puts MAC at uplink ports


I generally love the Cisco Prime NCS functionality which allows one to quickly trace a MAC address to a switch and port.  However, I'm having trouble with some MACs appearing at the uplink port of a closet switch rather than it's real access port on a different.  While it is true that this PC's MAC is in the CAM for that closet uplink port, it's there with hundreds of others.  It is also in the CAM for the port it is actually connected to, and in that case it's the ONLY MAC for that port, as expected.   Both switches are functioning within NCS, and in fact if I drill down into the switch it is connected to, the client detail shows this MAC connected to the proper port.  It's just the search trace that "incorrectly" shows it out at some uplink.   In fact, it moves around to different closet uplinks (per the MAC search history results).  It doesn't only happen with this MAC, either.   I kind of sold the customer on this functionality and it's a little embarrassing.

1. Has anyone seen it and knows of a way to get it to show correctly and/or prevent this problem?

2. What criteria does NCS use to determine where to place the item when the MAC appears in multiple places?  I would think it would at least pick a port that does not have other MAC addresses on it first, under the assumption that ports with multiple MACs are uplinks (I realize that there are cases where it COULD be on a multiple MAC port, such as an uplink to an unmonitored switch...not the case here).   I can tell you that in the cases I've noticed, the uplinks are not 802.1q, just access ports.



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