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Net selection, communication between switche. VLANs?

Hi all, 

First of all, I have to say that I am new at the network area and I have poor knowledge of them. 

To make you a picture, I have de next networks where you can see I have the same ip twice:




The problem is that I have 2 cases of work and I have to change between both by SSH and only 350 have this capability:

  "stand-alone-mode" where in both switches will be connected equipment with the same IPs and I only need to share the 192 net cutting the communication of the 200....


red modo alone.png


"Link-mode" where I have to disable one of the 200... net in one switch and start to share the other through the switches. 

I have been reading that a way to manage the case of have same IPs is using virtual LAN, but I don’t know how to manage it or if there are other way to solve it.


red modo link.png


Is it possible to do? Are there any better way ? If I am in the correct could someone help me with the SSH VLAN and communication to change between modes?


Thanks for all.

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