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Netflow top talkers query

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Hi Folks,

          I was trying to use the top talkers feature to find the culprits hogging my bandwidth. I am pertty new top talker feature and its implemented on a 6500 with sup720. I have a couple of queries w.r.t this.

* tried to configure the cort by bytes feature got a warning that its not supported on the hardware based model.So is there any way to use sort by bytes on the sup 720?

* The O/P fileds of a show ip flow top-talkers are usually,

SrcIf            SrcIPaddress     DstIf            DstIPaddress    Pr SrcP DstP  Pkts( had to use sort by packets due to warning)

Now is this pkts field the number of packets calculated between the cache-timeout value or is it the total seen so far? Will it be the same for sort by bytes too? Total bytes seen for this flow rather than a realtime bytes/sec or bytes/cache time-out value.

If this is the case then its actually not a real time top talker value right? Please help



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Level 1
Level 1

The --command -- sh ip cache flow shows the cache-timeout value only not the collective bytes of data ; if you need the Total bytes seen for this flow  you need to use the Crannog netflow Tracker kind of tools or you need to use " ip accounting " and clear the counter manually as and when required !!!

And it  its actually a real time top talker value  for that specifed cache-timeout value and i found most of the time it shows the correct top-talker many times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!