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Network Management tool

One of my clients is having 300 branch office and he wants to manage all the branch offices from HQ . I find few network management softwares like WAN Express manager and Cisco works. But none of these fulfill his requirement . At branch offices he's having 1841 series router . So is there any other network management software which can fulfill his requirement.


You have to have your customer define what "manage" means to him and what exactly his requrements are. Its not a Manager of Managers (MOM) and has never claimed to be that but it can provide information to MOMs.

Just a quick sample of what Ciscoworks provides for Cisco devices

In RME: configuration provisioning and revision control, software deployment and inventory

In Campus: visulization of connectivity between cisco devices, logical configuration error identification, and host tracking for items connected to managed switches.

In DFM: System Errors for Cisco Devices

In IPM: Network Performace across interconnected Cisco devices.

In Ciscoview: Real time visulization and performance of Cisco chassis up to showing the status of all the little blinky lights.



Hi Akemp,

I have gone through cisco works as well but it supports only 40 cisco devices.I want a tool that could support their real time operations like they can check the connectivity of the remote branches , as well which can check their performance of different isp links through which their branch offices are connected.Client is having 5 ISPs through which its connected to different branch offices.Even i have gone through WAN Express manager but it supports only MGX 8100 sereis and above version.But at our branch offices we are having 1800 series router.


You might want to check the documentation again for device support, module functionality, and exactly how many devices it supports in the inventory. I run two clusters of Ciscoworks with well over 7,000 devices in each one. Just at a quick glance I see the 1800 series supported: Cisco 1800 Series Routers Cisco 1805 Integrated Services Router


Here's a link to the supported device table for LMS 3.1:

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