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Network monitoring in Prime infrastructure 3.2

We have Prime Infrastructure 3.2 installed in out system and we would like to monitor the traffic of wan interface of routers.
I followed the below document and I add WAN interface of a router to WAN Interfaces Port Group however, in Monitoring Policies>Automonioring there is nothing expanding under WAN interface.


Re: Network monitoring in Prime infrastructure 3.2

I am having the same issue on CPI 3.6. No devices appear in Inventory/Group Management/Port Groups / System Defined / WAN interfaces ????????

Re: Network monitoring in Prime infrastructure 3.2

PI supports 4 types of system defined port groups. Ports of new devices are automatically assigned to the respective groups.

  • Trunk Ports—Ports connected to a Cisco device or other network devices (including Third party devices), operating on “Trunk” mode (all VLANs.
  • Link Ports—Ports that are connected to another Cisco device or other network devices and are operating on “VLAN” mode (assigned to a VLAN)
  • Access Ports—Ports that are connected to an end host, IP phone, servers, Access Points (AP) or video end points and operating on “Access” mode in which they carry traffic for only one particular VLAN.
  • Unconnected Ports—Ports not connected to any device, Operational  and/or Administrative status is down.

There is no definition about WAN ports. If you click on (i) in  Inventory > Port Management > Port Groups > System Defined > WAN Interfaces  you obtain 0 members.

You can use that system defined group (WAN interfaces) or create a new Group. The only advantange of choosing WAN Interfaces group is that it is included in Automonitoring Policies. If you create a new one, then you must create a new Interface Health policy and select your newly created group.

Yet in Inventory > Port Management > Port Groups

Now you can select the interfaces you want to include (from Port Types or System Defined)

For example I selected all my tunnel interfaces. (SEE ADD IF TO WAN Port Group.jpg)

As long as WAN Interfaces is included in Automonitoring Policies, you are done with this.


Then you add a dashlet in any of the dashboards or in a new dashboard, for example Interface Utilization. (SEE ADD DASHLET.jpg)


Finally you customize the dashlet by selecting the WAN Interface por group (SEE CUSTOMIZE DASHLET.jpg)


And that is it! (SEE MY NEW WAN DASHLET.jpg)








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