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Nexus 93180YC-EX vs Prime Infrastructure 3.1.4 - Device Pack 7


In a customers PI3.1.4 the 93180 comes up as "not supported device", although it says here that 9K should be supported:

On the other hand, in the compatibility information about Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.1 Supported Devices:

I cannot find the 93180 listed (not even in DP7)...

Do I have to wait until DP8, and is there any way to know when DP8 will be released?


its not gping to be supported fully as its in DCNM ther wont be a device pack for it , we added them to PI but only as unsupported devices

Yep - still not supported on a new customer installation of PI 3.7 with DP 1.

Looks like we are out of luck with this product line and Prime Infrastructure. where was the Solarwinds sales rep's address?

No N9K-C93180YC-EX  on the list of Supported devices in Prime 3.8.

It appears Cisco has decided not to add any new Nexus device support into Prime Infrastructure going forward.


Still not supported in 3.6 device 1, i wonder if 3.8 is supported. anyone?

No. The current latest release (3.8.1 with Device Pack 1) still does not support it.

As I mentioned back in April, "It appears Cisco has decided not to add any new Nexus device support into Prime Infrastructure going forward."

Nexus 93180 vs. PrimeNexus 93180 vs. Prime

Chris Gahlsdorf

Well I am new and using a trial of Prime 3.9 and I can tell you its still not supported. This may be a deal breaker

Danny Sandner

Hey guys,

There will be no support anymore for Nexus in Prime, not yet and not in the next Prime Versions until it will be EOL.

For Nexus, DCNM is the given management platform. It works very good with Nexus, even if you are using classic lan design (l2 or l3 withou VXLAN or ACI).



Chris Gahlsdorf

Whats really annoying is Prime is supposed to be a single pane of glass, not a single pain of glass. I just want it to pull SNMP data from the Nexus, show me utilization etc. I dont need it to configure, but I want to see the data.  With Prime I can only monitor the port that the Nexus connects to on the distribution/core level. 



Cisco Employee

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