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OID for ISDN not recognised

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Level 1


I am trying to monitor the d channel of an isdn wic and have found the following OID in the CISCO-ISDN-MIB :


This would seem ideal but when I enter the details in to our monitoring application (IPCheck) it says there is no such name.

SNMP has been set up correctly on the router and application so I dont understand what the problem could be.

I have 1 wic-1b installed in a 2620xm.

Can someone confirm that this OID should work with this set up or am I way off with what I thinking ?

Also, I am planning to move the isdn card in to a device (Cisco3640) which already has a PRI ISDN30 installed. In this instance, assuming I can get the OID working how do I specify / know which of the D channels will be monitored. Ideally I would want to monitor both....

Any ideas greatly appreciated,



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David Stanford
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The object demandNbrPhysIf is not-accessible so this is why its coming back as no such name.

If you are looking for info on the D channel have you looked at the CISCO-POP-MGMT-MIB which has objects like cpmISDNCfgActiveDChannels.

Are there specifics you are looking for or just overall monitoring of D channel?

Thanks for the reply,

I am only looking at checking the status of the isdn lines i.e. up or down. I am not interested in any specific data.

I will have a look at the OID you suggested...

You might also want to look at callActiveGroup from the DIAL-CONTROL-MIB