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PI 1.2 High cpu on devices when snmp poll


        Hi all,

I´m setting up our new PI 1.2. After we discovered devices and successfully added, PI started to hit CPU devices every 10 minutes, when SNMP poll runs.

CPU utilization for five seconds: 99%/11%; one minute: 29%; five minutes: 17%

PID Runtime(ms)     Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process

272    23536856     1524766      15436 86.62% 17.07%  5.06%   0 SNMP ENGINE  

Is there any custom field to prevent this kind of snmp abuse on our devices?

If you need any further information, please let me know.


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Hi Javier,

Did you manage to find a solution to this issue?

i'm facing the same problem with PI1.2 but i noticed it's releated to the router IOS image, it occurs only on 15.0(1)M8 where on 12.2(24)T4 it won't.

i wonder...

Hi there,

No, I didn´t!

HOSTNAME#sh processes cpu sorted | exc 0.00

CPU utilization for five seconds: 99%/29%; one minute: 50%; five minutes: 27%

PID Runtime(ms)     Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process

285    97063956     5010425      19372 69.60% 31.80%  9.11%   0 SNMP ENGINE     

136         324         196       1653  0.22%  0.29%  0.07% 388 SSH Process     

129    15444024   112760917        136  0.15%  0.08%  0.08%   0 IP Input        

248       67600      579359        116  0.15%  0.08%  0.08%   0 FNF Cache Ager P

  83      660796    78806711          8  0.15%  0.13%  0.15%   0 Netclock Backgro

  65      860544    19708629         43  0.07%  0.09%  0.09%   0 Per-Second Jobs 

HOSTNAME#sh stacks 285

Process 285:  SNMP ENGINE

  Stack segment 0x31029AE4 - 0x3102C9C4

  FP: 0x3102C8F0, RA: 0x23865C98

  FP: 0x3102C918, RA: 0x2361E354

  FP: 0x3102C988, RA: 0x237FC764

  FP: 0x3102C9A0, RA: 0x237FC748

Cisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

I will look for a router with IOS 12.something and I will perform some test. But for me, It´s something related to IP or routing table mib.

I´ll keep you aware.


Well, I finally found a router with 12.something IOS and It´s working fine by now.

What I did on the router with IOS 15 was to make an snmp view like this:

snmp-server view myview iso included

snmp-server view myview at excluded

snmp-server view myview ip.22 excluded

snmp-server community xxxxxx view myview RO SNMP-ACL

I took this from a "similar bug"

It seems to be some bug related to ARP table entry or something like that..


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