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PI 2.0 Alarms / Syslog

Hi there,

we added LAN switches (L2/L3) to the PI2.0. There are some strange things:

Thing 1 Alarms - configured the switch like this:

Global config:

logging buffered 16384

logging host

Interface config:

Port 1- 24 Access Ports

no logging event link-status

Uplink Ports:

logging event link-status

-> But the Prime Infrastructure generate up/down Errors of the access Ports


Deploy a custom template with stopping interface availability polling.

But didn't work.

-> How can we stop polling? Or configure the switch not to have up/down errrors from access ports?

Thing 2 - configured the switch like this:

Global config:

snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature status

3750x with two power supplies, move one of them and syslog arrived at the prime.

But there is no alarm.  I can see also the event in the local logfile.

Is saw that this is not supported at the moment - is that right?

If so, when will this be supported?


What global config parameter are recommended for L2/L3 switches logging/syslog?



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Dear Buschbeck

Your 1st solution works for me, but I am using PI 1.3.

I am afraid PI 2.0 automatically monitor Switch like  PI 1.3 do for WLC so that even we do nothing but they are totally monitored.


Florian Brenner
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Christoph,

did you ever get a solution for this issue? We have several PI2.0 running and on every installation we have this exact issue you described.

Regards, Florian

Hey Florian,

well let's see if port groups is the solution.

All the other things are just workarounds and we are confused how to treat LAN switches.

Our customers used templates for access switches to tell the device what is necessary to monitor. If prime does it from now, we should have the information what is necessary to configure on Switches.

I'll let you know, if we have the right answer.



Rob Johnson
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Rob,

is that the solution?

What about configuring the AccessPorts with "no snmp trap link-status". Is that not necessary anymore if we are creating Port Groups?



I was talking port groups for the wired side device management-


I have exactly the same issue.

- snmp traps are disabled on access ports

- log messages are disabled on access ports

- interface health monitoring is deployed only to a dynamic port group which is containing the uplink ports.

But we were flooded by link down alarms from accedd ports. :-(

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!



Hello Falk,

ya no ... we have no solution at the moment. But I got response from the developement team and it's a bug. They will work on it. So could be that Version 2.1 which is coming in April 2014 will be capable handling this.

Let's see.