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PI 3.3 User Defined Port Groups

I'm having yet another issue with PI.  I recently upgraded to 3.3 at Cisco's suggestion to "fix" a bug on 3.2.  I have port groups created for the 3850 switch stacks at each of our sites.  I have dynamic filters set to include the following ports:

name starts with GigabitEthernet

description does not contain trunk

description does not contain TR

description does not contain router

description does not contain vg224


The goal is to only put End User ports from those switch stacks in a port group so that I can then create an alarm policy to suppress alarms for the end user ports so that I'm not getting an email alert every time a user shuts down their pc or whatever.  PI is not adding all of the end user ports from the switch stacks to that port group and there's not rhyme or reason as to why it selected some ports and why it didn't select other ports with identical configurations.  Not trying to make this into a Cisco bashing session, but I'm frustrated with PI 3.x because it lacks basic functionality that other NMS have.  You can't modify the alert subject or body to help you distinguish an alert especially when you're looking at it on your phone.  All Alerts are like "Alarm Category - Switches and Routers; Severity - "  I'm most familiar with Solar Winds so I'm going to use them as an example.  With SW, I can create a subject based on pretty much whatever I want.  I can create a subject for router interfaces that says "Alert - Chicago WAN Router Interface Down".  When I get that email to my phone, I know it's important by just looking at the subject and it gives me a sense of urgency to take action.  I've brought this up to Cisco TAC before but I don't think Cisco is putting any serious thought into making this product more administrator friendly.

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