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Port Channel as destination to port mirroring session

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Level 1

Is there any Cisco Switch which support port Channel interface as destination to a mirroring session? Objective is to load balance the traffic across multiple member ports (up to 16) of port channel group. Source ports of mirroring session can be one or many.  Is it possible to strip MPLS header of the packets being mirrored in a mirroring session.



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1st: Thats a quite common szenario for Intrusion Detection Systems. At least the 3750-E and -X are capable of that. I assume 4k5 and 6k5 are no different.

2nd: For Vlan-Headers, they are stripped by default and can optionally be sent to the destionation. For an MPLS-Header I would assume that it's also stripped by default. But that needs clarification.

I have reffered the SPAN confihuration document of 3750-X and clearly mentions condition of a destination port as follows:

If the port was in an EtherChannel group, it is removed from the group while it is a destination port. If it was a routed port, it is no longer a routed port.

It can be any Ethernet physical port.

It cannot be a secure port.

It cannot be a source port.

It cannot be an EtherChannel group or a VLAN.

yes, you are right. In my mind I mixed up what I worked on and what you want. In my szenario, there was no SPAN involved ... :-( Sorry for the confusion!