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Prime 1.2 "Add to Group" greyed out

Hi all,

I'm trying to group specific APs from certain locations, in order to monitorize all of them with few clicks. In Operate->Device WorkCenter I can select APs from Device Type->Unified AP->Cisco 3600I Series Unified Access Points, but once I selected specific APs, if I go to Group&Sites->Add to Group, this option is always greyed out.

Previously I created Static Group inside "User Defined", but it's impossible to add APs to this previously created group.

Any advices?

Thank you,

Libera TAC Team.


I use Prime 2.0 and have the same issue. Any suggestions?

I'm using Prime 2.0 and have the same issue. Did anybody find a solution for this?



Same problem with PI 2.0 belonging to a customer of mine, and a PI 1.4 in my own lab.

I use a virtual controller which can be added to a group or site (either statically or dynamically), but the option is greyed out for the APs.

It seems that it's not possible to move an AP from their automatically created device type group. This is really a lack of functionnality because if you have hundreds or thousands of APs, you would have liked to group them under geographical groups rather than device type groups.

I had this problem and I had to review a few things.

Check your permissions of the user trying to accomplish the task. If the permissions are not there, you can't add the device to the group. In PI 2.0 you need to make sure the following roles are selected.

Under group management, modify groups, add group members, view group members and delete group members.

Also make sure that the Virtual domain you're on has the same access privileges to those devices in the device work center.

PI is all about permissions and rights, if the user and domain don't have the correct rights you wont be able to accomplish the task you're looking for.


I'm logged in with user "root" which is in the "root" group that has almost every permissions.

Here are the permissions related to group management for the user "root" :



And I also again point out that I can create and remove groups, and add my virtual controller to a custom group. But that is not working for the lightweight APs managed by this controller.


Regarding this issue, we have opened a case at the TAC for the exact same issue encountered on P.I 1.4.

The mentioned behavior was confirmed in Cisco lab. The TAC reached the BU to escalate the issue and found that the bug CSCuj23356 - Cannot add access points to site group - was been already filed for this issue (Sev 6 as Enhancment).

Details are in the attached picture.



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