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Prime CLI template to "reboot at" - Terminal width 0

It seems my last post was marked as spam; apologies if this is a duplicate.


We have been using Prime to upgrade code on our ~3,000 switches. We do distributions during the day building by building and stagger activations every minute in the early morning.


We've found (with both Prime 3.1 and 3.4) that, when doing more than 20 or so switches at a time, the lead switch in a TR will reboot before Prime can tell the downstream switches to reboot, so they never do.


What I want to start doing is distributing in mass, then use a CLI template to utilize the "reload at" command for switches building by building so the switches know to reboot themselves at the right time, eliminating the connectivity issue when the lead switch reboots.


I believe the problem is, when asking to confirm the reload, the terminal width is changing to zero, which I assume enables the behavior of simply hitting the enter or y key immediately confirming the reload with no chance to type out more than one character. Maybe Prime's adding a space which cancels the reload request. No reload is scheduled after this completes.


Is there a way to tell the template to accommodate the terminal width changing to zero?


Here's what I have for a template, and how it fails. I have to do a "clear line vty x" in the switch to force Prime to determine the job as failed, otherwise it remains "Running" indefinitely.


reload at $reloadTime <IQ>Proceed with reload? [confirm]<R>y


Error: Connection closed while executing the command #MODE_ENABLE
reload at 05:30 Proceed with reload? [confirm] y
Response:terminal width 0

TAB_104_Eric#config t

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

Building configuration...
TAB_104_Eric#reload at 05:30



I just made an interesting discovery. In a complex with 79 switches, we have 9 lead switches and a total of 70 2960 downstream switches. 8 of these lead switches are 3560X, and every single 2960 downstream of a 3560X did not reboot using the Prime software activation process.

However, one lead switch is a 2960G, and 7 of the 9 2960s downstream from it did reboot. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe it's because the 2960Gs boot quicker than the 3560Xs do, particularly if the 3560X has a boot loader upgrade whereas the 2960s are only undergoing minor release changes.

Now I'm wondering if there's a setting in Prime to wait longer before considering an activation failed on a switch, enough time for the 3560Xs reboot, so it can circle back after the 3560Xs reboot and upgrade the downstream 2960s.

The failure message on the 2960s is:

Failed to update the boot configuration in the device. Details:-connection timed out: /10.x.x.x