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Prime failing halfway through a TFTP transfer




I recently upgraded from 3.2 to 3.7 and now most of my TFTP transfers are failing.  They will work for a few minutes, then the connection will drop (goes from !!!!! to .......) and I will get a timeout error

%TFTP-N-TIMERSEND: Session is closed after timeout is expired


So it seems that the tftp transfer is started and working, but then dies at some point.  The error says it timed out, but it happens right in the middle of the transfer?!?!  So how does it suddenly stop working?


On the 3.2 version I could tftp transfer all day with no problems.  Now after the upgrade I can't.


The SSH timeout value in the Prime config is at 120 minutes, but my time outs happen after about 15 minutes. 



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 - 1) In what context /purpose are you using TFTP 2) Check the tftp server's logs, check for error messages if any. 3) If you are using Solarwinds platform for TFTP server, then check with another tftpd-platform and check if the error remains. 


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adding to another post


1. check TFTP Logs

2. Do you have enough space available on the TFTP Server 

3. To understand better, what are you transferring from TFTP or is this automatic backup?


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Just doing a simple tftp copy of code. I've been running these updates for a few months now and was using the Prime server as the tftp repo with no problems ever. Now after the Prime update to 3.7 I get the time-out errors.

There is enough space on all of the switches. If I take the Prime server out of the mix, the tftp transfer works fine. It only fails when I try to pull the code off the Prime server.

I am checking the log files myself and TAC is looking at them as well, but we've found nothing yet.

The weird thing is that the tftp transfer starts, then dies halfway through. It's like the Prime server forgets that a UDP session is going on and just closes the port after an inactivity timeout. But it is not a set time, sometimes it goes for 10 minutes then dies, and sometimes it goes for 16 minutes and then fails. Every failure is the same...the timeout error listed above
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