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Prime Infra 2.2: What means "Collection status: failed features"?

Level 4
Level 4



Some devices got into Partial collection Failure. After checking trhe reason "Collection status: failed features" appaers.

What does it mean?

How can we solve this?


many thx for hints, Steffen

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Scott Plank
Level 1
Level 1

Forcing a sync seems to fix this error for us, but as I just encountered this error for the first time today, I don't know yet if it will return or not.

If it makes a difference, we have both Orion NPM and Cisco Prime 2.2 polling our devices right now, as we are still working on getting Cisco Prime up and running to the point where we hopefully will not need NPM anymore. Maybe there's an issue when more than one SNMP monitoring server polls the equipment, especially since NPM doesn't use the bulk SNMP packets like Prime?

The "Failed Feature" issue came back - I've attached a screenshot. It seems to happen to random models, and the IOS version doesn't seem to matter, as we have it affecting multiple versions.


We also get the following Alarms reported by Prime around the same time (screenshot attached), not sure if it's related, or just a coincidence:

Appliance Temperature Failure

Appliance RAID Failure

These look like physical appliance issues - however, we have Prime running on a VM, so I'm confused why I'm getting an Appliance RAID failure Alarm when the virtual appliance is using VM storage and not a RAID.

Hi Scott,

There is a Field Notice: FN - 63645 on RAID failures with PI appliances.

Open a TAC case to get the disk / appliance replaced which should take care of the temperature alarm as well.




Sounds like you are talking about the physical appliance, which is what the Field Notice is for. We don't have a physical appliance, we have the virtual appliance running on VMWare - which is why I thought it was strange that we were getting those alarms.

However - we have been on 2.2.1 for over a week now and those alarms have not returned, so I'm hopeful it was just a bug in the virtual appliance that was fixed with the 2.2.1 maintenance (maybe inadvertently, as I didn't see a reference to it in the patch notes).

Strange. If the alert comes back, can you get a screenshot from the Administration > Appliance page

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Steffen,

share the screenshot  for more information.




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Scott Plank
Level 1
Level 1

Installing the latest maintenance release - 2.2.1, seems to have fixed this issue for us. We've had it installed for a week now, and so far, no more Partial Collection failures with the blank "Collection Status: Failed feature(s)" message.


This patch also seems to have fixed the RAID and temperature major alarms that we were getting that seemed to be physical appliance related, even though our PI is running on a VM.