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Prime Infrastructure 1.2 - User tracking?

Andrew Vlasek

It is my understanding that prime infrastructure 1.2 was supposed to be the first release towards merging LMS and NCS into on application. I have upgraded my install of prime ncs to prime infrastructure 1.2 and everything is working OK, but I am sifting through the features and I am not sure if it is an LMS replacement. I have a new 7.3 HA controller added and added a few switches for testing both a DIST and ACCESS layer switch, but when I try to search for a wired IP the wired client IPs ar noting showing up. I can search by MAC and on wired but its not populating any IP info. On the wireless side I get the mac and IP. So my question is does prime infrastructure 1.2 have wired user tracking like LMS does? If not it needs and possibly some other improvements. I like the interface but at the same time it seems very much like a beta product.


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Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Andrew, the weekly Webex series is open to the public. Otherwise I wouldn't post info received becasue it would likely be under NDA.

It is a series covering the various Prime products, with PI on Thursdays. Click the image for a larger version:

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I am also interested in the answer to this question. I know that with ISE integration we will have username/IP/MAC information in PI, but it would be nice to have the same user tracking functionality we are all familiar with from LMS. I also upgraded from NCS but I am going to do a fresh install today due to the fact that I have a couple major issues with the system... only 2 of my 50 switches are showing wired client information, several devices are showing 'Managed with Warnings' due to SNMP Get errors although snmpwalk from the ADE shell returns everything correctly, etc. I agree that this appears to be a half-baked product.

Have you found anything online or received an answer from Cisco on this?

We seemed to get the wired client IP from the switches at our smaller branch locations but not at the larger sites. The MAC addresses seem to be there though. Not sure how PI gets the IP addresses, from an arp table? Wireless seems fine. I got rid of some of the Managed with Warnings by increasing the SNMP timeout for each device. Definitly going to keep running LMS 4.2 in parallel with PI for now.

Thanks, dporod. I will try tweaking the SNMP timeout settings. As far as IP addresses go, I believe they are discovered via the DHCP snooping binding table on the switch. In LMS it was a combination of the the DHCP snooping binding table and the ARP table on any neighboring router; however, I have not found any indication that PI uses the router ARP tables. I have another post about switch IOS versions and PI (
) where I am looking for answers to why all users on my 15.x IOS switches are showing in Clients and Users, but I'm not even getting MAC addresses for any users on 12.x IOS switches.

Also, I haven't found anything related to MAC notification and PI 1.2 either. LMS used to listen by default on udp/1431(??) i think but there is no configuration in PI for this, so I set my switches to send MAC notification traps to the default port on PI. Anyone have any input on this?

I was wondering the same thing. When are the features of LMS coming to Prime Infrastructure like I had been promised. Supposedly near the end of January 2013 Prime Infrastructure 2.0 will come out and include the features you are looking for is what I have been told.

I feel like n00b.  Where do I increase the SNMP Timeout through PI?  I have several switches in my LAN that show "Managed with Wanings" and subsequently show less information than the other switches in my LAN.

To increase the SNMP timeout value for a device go to

Operate -> Device Work Center -> Then select device you want to modify -> Then click Edit

There will be a timeout value under the SNMP Paramaters section.

I had to raise this value on a view of my devices to complete the inventory collection without errors.

Hope this helps.

Have you noticed that the snmp properties go back to 2 retries and 1 sec timeout? All of my devices always go back to the default after a certain amount of time and some devices will then change to "Managed with Warnings". I'm running Are you seeing this as well?

You gave me the clue I needed to go look.  What I did was compare the devices that didn't have errors to the ones that did.  My support didn't put in a password for those that fail.  (D'oh!)  Thank you!


I am also having issues with End User tracking. The wired client report does not resolve the IP addresses of wired clients. However, the IP addresses of Cisco IP phones, wireless AP's, and wireless clients do appear in the client tracking reports.

Like some of you some of you previously mentioned, we upgraded from LMS 4.2 to Prime Infrastructure 1.2. It was sold to us as a replacement of LMS. After running on Prime Infrastructure 1.2 for a week I have found than many of the LAN management features I relied on have been removed. PI really seems to lean heavy towards WLAN management and is light on LAN management features. I'm not too happy about this so far.

Regarding wired LAN management PI version 1.2 is a step down from LMS 4.2 in my opinion.

Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame Community Legend


You were not well-advised if you were told PI 1.2 replaces LMS 4.2. It does not and Cisco themselves document the feature gap. Reference.

PI 2.0 will close most but not all of that gap later this year. (1Q 2013 is the last I heard.).

I tried to go to your Reference link that documents the gap but received a 403 Forbidden error.  Would it be possible to get the feature gap from you?  Thanks.

The 2.0 date has been moved to sometime in April supposedly unless it gets pushed again.

Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

Andrew, during the weekly PI public updates ( the business unit are telling folks it'll be closer to June.

Thomas, sorry about that link - it's available on the public side of the site as well, just substitute the word "partner" in the link with "customer". (You can usually do that for unrestricted content FYI.)

It's at:


Is that webex demo you sent publicly accessible? Or is that for sales partners? It doesn't surprise me that it is running behind and to be honest I'd rather them do a thorough job of adding all the functionality and testing.


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