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Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Alarms & Events

Steve Berglund

Hi everyone

I'm working on narrowing down the alerts and events, so I get emails only when a device is unreachable. Eventually, I'd like to continue with specifying ports on these devices as well, like trunk ports and whatnot. As of right now though, i'm wondering how you all have been handeling the Unreachable Device alerts.

Thanks and happy Friday.

Edit: As a follow up, I wonder if it's possible to define different types of alarms as critical. So if a device is unreachable, mark that as critical. If a port is down, mark as major. That way I'll be able to email on critical events only.


Aurimas Plunge


I share interest in port monitoring.

I am using Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 (evaluation version for 60 days). I want to deploy port monitoring for my trunk ports between switches and some other important ports e.g. servers. Basically I want to get alarms when these ports are down, there are errors on ports and etc.

So in Design>Port Grouping I created User Defined group with important ports. In Deploy>Monitoring Deployment I selected Interface Health (default)>Deploy selected Port Groups and when selected port group I created.

Now the rule shows Deployed: Yes and Status: Active. After that I just pulled out one port which was in monitored group, waited 5min as it is set in Interface Health (default) template, and nothing happened, and worse, alarms started to show up of other ports where regular users are connected (computers was turned off), which I do not want to see at all. I tried redeploy template, I even created my own template but still no desired result.

Any suggestions how to make port monitoring work?

Martin Ostberg

Any updates on this, I'm running 3.0 and I want to do basically the same thing as you!

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