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Prime Infrastructure 2.0 Assurance issue

Hi together,

I have a problem with our Prime Infrastructure 2.0 regarding the assurance features.

The appliance can only handle flows exported from our WLAN controller, but not from any wired device (neither standard netflow nor flexible netflow!).

Flows are received correctly on port 9991 on the PI appliance, I validated that via tcpdump. But the sending devices are not listed on "data sources".

Has anyone experienced the same problems, or even has a solution for the problem explained?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

we need to have Assurance license for NAM to work with PI 2.0.  have you installed that ?

Assurance License: Provides access to the  Assurance feature set, which provides end-to-end network visibility of  application and service performance to help ensure end-user quality of  experience. The Assurance feature set also provides the ability to  manage and aggregate data and views across multiple Cisco Prime Network  Analysis Modules (NAMs). The Assurance license is based on the number of  managed NetFlow-enabled interfaces. Assurance licenses are available in  bundle sizes of 15, 50, 100, 500, 1000, and 5000 NetFlow-enabled  interfaces. The 15 interface license has a restriction that allows you  to manage only up to 5 NAMs, whereas the other Assurance license bundles  do not place a restriction on the number of NAMs that you can manage.  The 15 interface license can only be used standalone and not combined  with the Lifecycle licenses. You need to purchase a 50 interface  Assurance license or larger to use with other Cisco Prime Infrastructure  feature licenses.



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Hi Afroz,

Is there a difference between assurance license for NAM and for Wireless?

I have an assurance license for 25 devices, in 1.3 I could use it for both LAN and WLAN sources.

The following image shows our current licensing status:



No , there should not be any  difference between assurance license for NAM and for Wireless.

Ideally this should work..

not seen such issue..

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