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Prime Infrastructure 2.2- problems: Wired Detailed Device Inventory report not running / Cisco 5500 WLCs no listed in subgroup

New installation of Prime Infrastructure 2.2.0 (PI-VA-

installed fixes/software/device packs:

  1. PI 2.2.1 Poodle Fix (installed)
  2. PI 2.2.1 Maintenance Release (installed,ncs stopped,rebooted)
  3. Prime Infrastrucutre 2.2 Device Pack 3 (installed,ncs stopped,rebooted)
  4. Licences installed (ncs stopped,rebooted)

Added all devices via Bulk Import (Inventory>Device Management>Network Devices)

  • Problem 1:

The Cisco 5500 WLCs are not listed in Inventory>Device Management>Network Devices (see screen shot) but listed under "All Devices"!
The Cisco 4400 WLCs and the 8500 WLCs are listed within their subgroup.
Devices are in "Managed State"

  • Problem 2: fixed! (Browser issue)


  • Problem 3:

Unable to run "Wired Detailed Device Inventory" report because I get the error message: Failed to run report: Unable to retrieve data for: Chassis Information (if Chassis Information is selected, if System Information is selected I get the error message with ...retrieve data for:System Information)

All devices do have an "Admin Status = Managed" and the Last Inventory Collections Status = Completed.

Has anyone the same issues or a tip for me?


Another topic, the "User Defined Fileds" are not exported when with running a "Device Export" (Inventory > Device Management > Network Devices). ;-(





Hallo Bastian,

I think you still have browser issue, Using IE is still the best with Prime.

I have exactly same prime 2.2 and installed fixes/software/device packs.

I have no problem I can see all views. I use now IE 11, with Chrome 42.0.2311.90 and firefox 37.01 I have problems too with lots of views. You have not tell what browser + version you have.


Since you have same prime 2.2 as me. I have other problems, can you check yours?

Can you see a functional CLI template page at Configuration > Templates > Features & Technologies:


Do you have SNMP Connectivity Failed while  has no errors all green and checked.

Hello Ming,

it's not an browser issue I've tested it with IE10/11 and Firefox ESR 31.6.0. Meanwhile I've installed CPI2.2 completly new. The "Wired Detailed Device Inventory" ran after the basic installation, afterwards it was working after the installation of the Maintenance Release 2.2.1 but it does not work anymore again after the installation of device pack 3.

I've additionally installed a second CPI2.2 for testing proposes. At the moment it's just the basic installation without any fixes, maintenace releases and device packs and the "Wired Detailed Device Inventory" works with IE10/11 and Firefox ESR 31.6.0.

My first problem: The Cisco 5500 WLCs are not listed in Inventory>Device Management>Network Devices (see screen shot) but listed under "All Devices"! also exists again after the new installation... ;-(

For the devices I want to run the "Wired Detailed Device Inventory" for are completly managed and the last inventory collection is/was successfull. All other wired reports for the devices do work. on both CPI installations.


Regarding your question my CLI template looks fine, see attachment.



Was there a solution to this issue? I am having the same problem.


I got the answer that TAC found a bug regarding problem 3: Unable to run "Wired Detailed Device Inventory" of our service provider. A fix should be available with the end of this month but I don't have further details until now. The most fitting bug regarding the Bug Search tool is CSCut77275.

I've tested the "Wired Detailed Device Inventory" when "All Devices" are selected, it works....





with Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.2.2 Maintenance Release these problems are fixed.