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Brian Saunders

Prime Infrastructure 3.0 Release Date

Anyone hear the release date of Prime Infrastructure 3.0?  Saw on CiscoLive a preview and it has some compliance / audit functions that we could use so we don't have to rely on Prime LMS.  Here's the slideshow from CiscoLive - .




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FYI it was released yesterday. Available for download in the Support & Downloads page.

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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

I've just read a publication that PI 3.0 might be release on July 2015 when Cisco announces iWAN (Intelligent WAN) for the ASR 1000-AX.

I have never seen a firm release date. They do have tentative ideas when things will be released and I believe August is when to expect it but it could drift.


I've been told it's end of August 2015, Peter. 

Marvin Rhoads
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Cisco almost never publicly commits to a release date prior to the actual release.

The info I got during the show was to look for it in August.

I agree that the compliance bits do look quite promising.

I gave them all a hard time about other bits of functionality still not being there - netshow, automated syslog actions, device configuration export (like we could from LMS shadow directory), etc.



Did they say whether config export would be supported in 3.0?


If you just need the configs please see the following workaround from Vinod Arya here. There is a way to extract the configs right from the Oracle database with a bash script. A bug is already opened on this (CSCud84458 - "Device Configuration can not be retrieved from NCS/Prime Infrastructure using CLI or an LMS 'shadow' directory equivalent").

Cisco Employee

The info I have ...tentative date of 3.0 release is August

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FYI it was released yesterday. Available for download in the Support & Downloads page.

I am downloading it now to test in our lab.

I don't see any documentation, quick start or release notes yet.

Its there today.

I see one thing I had hoped for didn't make it:

"NetFlow data from Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) is not supported in this release of Prime Infrastructure."

Funny how SolarWinds can parse the ASAs' NSEL format but Cisco cannot.

I'll have to see if we can at least get ASA interface utilization with 3.0. I hope to deploy it in the next week to test a bit.