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Prime Infrastructure and Device Temperature



I have two questions to PIs device temperature monitoring.

1) We have some stacked switches and some switches in a VSS. Also we have some switches with multiple temperature sensors. For example here the output of a C4506-E with a SUP7.

#show env temp

Module Sensor                     Temperature          Status


1      Stub A                     37C (58C,71C,74C)              ok

1      Stub B                     29C (54C,68C,71C)              ok

1      XPP                        44C (67C,81C,84C)              ok

1      VFE                        54C (79C,90C,93C)              ok

1      NFE                        46C (68C,80C,83C)              ok

1      CPU                        50C (69C,83C,86C)              ok

1      FPGA                       34C (57C,71C,74C)              ok

2      Air inlet                  33C (56C,68C,71C)              ok

2      Air inlet remote           26C (46C,59C,62C)              ok

2      Air outlet                 33C (66C,76C,79C)              ok

2      Air outlet remote          29C (60C,71C,74C)              ok

3      Air inlet                  31C (56C,68C,71C)              ok

3      Air inlet remote           25C (46C,59C,62C)              ok

3      Air outlet                 32C (66C,76C,79C)              ok

3      Air outlet remote          28C (60C,71C,74C)              ok

4      Air inlet                  30C (56C,68C,71C)              ok

4      Air inlet remote           23C (46C,59C,62C)              ok

4      Air outlet                 31C (66C,76C,79C)              ok

4      Air outlet remote          27C (60C,71C,74C)              ok

5      Air inlet                  30C (56C,68C,71C)              ok

5      Air inlet remote           23C (46C,59C,62C)              ok

5      Air outlet                 31C (66C,76C,79C)              ok

5      Air outlet remote          26C (60C,71C,74C)              ok

6      Air inlet                  32C (56C,68C,71C)              ok

6      Air inlet remote           24C (46C,59C,62C)              ok

6      Air outlet                 32C (66C,76C,79C)              ok

6      Air outlet remote          28C (60C,71C,74C)              ok

PI shows only one temperature value per device. So what represents the one value if the device is a stack, VSS or/and has multiple temperature sensors?

I checked PIs SNMP requests to one of our C4506-E with SUP7. PI requested all SNMP values under entSensorValue (, entSensorStatus.15 (, ciscoEnvMonTemperatureStatusEntry.3 ( and ciscoEnvMonTemperatureStatusEntry.4.1 ( So, PI gets all temperature values, but displays only one.

2) Does PI generate a critical alarm if the temperature of one device exceeds its temperature threshold? I tried to test it with a C3750E by configuring

(config)#system env temperature threshold yellow 25

With this configuration, the switchs system temperature state was Yellow.

#show env temp status

System Temperature Value: 41 Degree Celsius

System Temperature State: YELLOW

Yellow Threshold : 34 Degree Celsius

Red Threshold    : 59 Degree Celsius

However, the switch did not send a SNMP trap to PI. Also, PI did not recorgnizes a problem by its own. At least it did not generate an event for this.

If PI do not care about temperture thresholds, I can configure a Threshold monitoring in the Design > Monitor Configuration menu, but I don't know which thresholds I should configure, because it depends on the temperature PI displays (question 1).

Hope someone can help me here.


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