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Prime Infrastructure - Client Traffic on AP?

Jason Salmans

Greetings all,


I'm trying to troubleshoot some connection issues and I wanted to look at the Clients Over Time panel on a specific AP in Prime Infrastructure 3.4.  Whey I bring up the AP's page and look at the Clients Over Time page I can see the "Client Count on AP" graph and it appears to be fully populated, however, most of the time the "Client Traffic on AP" shows 0 data.  I've had times where it will show some data, almost like spikes, with no data in between.  It seems like the collection is intermittent.  


The one I'm looking at now for an example shows only two times in the last 2 weeks in which traffic was collected.. one was on the 14th and one at the 18th, both at 9:59 am.


I'm looking at the System Jobs status and I don't see anything that last run yesterday but is next scheduled for days from now.  It seems like whichever job runs and collects this, it is probably set to run to the default interval but it isn't collecting the data.  Is there something on the WLC I need to configure?


WLC is 8510 currently on 8.5.135.  Our AP models vary including 702w, 1600, 2700, 2800, and 3800 series with some outdoor units thrown in.


*edit* All APs are in Local Mode.

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