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Ben Heller

Prime Infrastructure - Email Alerts by Virtual Domain

We are currently providing wireless to various buildings and districts via flexconnect controllers and use Prime as a monitoring device each separate group is able to access individually to view their maps and APs. I have received a request for email alerts when APs are down from one district, but I see no way to group the email alerts that Prime sends out. It seems to be you can vary by type (APs vs switches) but not by virtual domains or groups of devices. Is there any way to pull this off directly from Prime?

I could potentially have all email alerts sent to one inbox and then forward based on rules to include the AP syntax for each district, but that would be quite messy, especially if only one of the many districts wants the alerts.

Thanks for any idea you can provide.

Ben Heller

Well since I have gotten no responses and plenty of views I am assuming there is no apparent way to do this directly from Prime. I will end up setting the critical alerts to my own inbox and set some rules to forward them to those interested and folder the rest.

This is a feature I would greatly like to see in PI updates, as it seems a no brainer to be able to alert via virtual domain grouping.

I have similar requirement. I am working on this, I will let you know the result within the next few days.

Predrag Petrovic

Also interested, have just gotten a fresh install of Prime. I assume it is possible to group alerts via virtual domains - isn't that the whole point of virtual domains? To provide segemented monitoring ability? Will also look into.,

Ben Heller

The temporary solution to send the alerts all to myself and then set forwarding rules is working well enough but I see another potentially large flaw. It seems that Prime sends out the alerts in mass at a set interval when downages occur to prevent spam, but as such should multiple devices drop at the same time, the email will display them all. As such the rules will forward the message to whoevers devices are involved.

Of course this isn't terrible and they can see what on the list is theirs easily enough, but it is still undesirable.

Ben Heller

Just an update for anyone who may stumble on this issue and have the same problem. In version 1.4 of Prime Infrastructure if you change your virtual domain in the top right and then go to alerts and choose email options you have a completely new list you can set up. Doing this you can do a root folder for a company or district you are providing for and setup email alerts for only that teir and bellow of access. This way they only see alerts from APs and devices they have access too. Meanwhile you can leave the root teir to email yourself and then separate them out via inbox rules as desired.

This may be possible on older versions of Prime, but I did not notice the email alerts being an option while under the other domains until 1.4.

Duong Nguyen

Under the root-domain, create each virtual domain (per site/group/area of your campus, etc).  Once the Virtual domains have been created for individual groups/site, you can then go into its domain and  add the devices into that particular domain.


Once the appropriated devices are in that subset of virtual domain you can setup email alerts separately. In the top right hand corner you will be able to switch through different virtual domains, select the one that you want to configure, go to OPERATE-->Alarms and Events.