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Prime Infrastructure maps and API

Chris Cummings
Level 1
Level 1

Anyone know of a way to get map info from PI via API that allows you to associate APs to it?

I can get Sites which shows me the map names/structure along with apCount.

AccessPointDetails has a field called <mapLocation> however it only has the string description one liner location such as "default location".

I'm guessing that Sites has the DB links to what APs are associated, I just need a way to pull out which ones they are.


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Jussi Kiviniemi
Level 1
Level 1

Agree. Also, it would be nice to be able to send site survey measurement data directly through the Prime API.

Level 1
Level 1

I posted a question over on the DevNet community (maybe I should have done it here?). In any case, I'm trying to update just the AP name and mapLocation strings as a first step and I can't get a basic PUT operation to complete successfully.

Based on the documentation that I've read through you're wanting to update the locationHierarchy field, and I don't see that documented in the API anywhere, so it appears to not be updateable via the API. But I'm very interested in doing this exact same thing so I'd appreciate hearing if you make any progress in this direction. 

Edit: ugh, I just noticed that this original posting was over 2 years old. Probably not much chance of getting a response at this point...